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In 2015, Rasheeda Stafford created the vision Method to the Madness Unlimited.  She was a hairstylist who found herself stuck in a rut, trying to dig herself and her seven children out of a rigmarole, one hairdo at a time, one client at a time and one dream at a time.

One year prior, Rasheeda acquired a new client, Danielle Campbell who was new to the Raleigh Durham area.  As the two began to discuss and share stories they realized they had a few things in common.  Danielle, who had once found herself in a rut as well after being raised in foster care, had now received her MBA and had reached the rank of Captain in the Air Force Reserve.

 In July 2016 Danielle’s growing business savvy and Rasheeda’s nearly two decades in the hair industry joined together to flush out Method to the Madness to created M2M Salon Durham.

M2M Salon Durham is now a subset of the original concept. M2M Salon Durham now prides itself in being a chic, trendy salon in Durham that specialized in all hair types and that uniquely combines beauty, fashion and entertainment.


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